Press Release – Introducing a New Radio Program By Father Maurice

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Immaculate Heart Radio

It is my pleasure to announce to you, my family and friends on social media, that I will be offering a daily reflection on Immaculate Heart Radio ( starting Monday, January 4, 2016. The name of the program is Daily Reflections with Father Maurice.

It’s going to be a brief, four-minute, reflection designed to draw attention to the tenderness of God’s love for us as well as provide tools for a transforming and deepening encounter with Jesus. Hopefully, the reflections will also be a channel of spiritual nourishment, inspiration, healing and hope for individuals and families as they go about their daily activities.

Airing schedule is 9:12am and 9:12pm (Pacific Time) daily on the 19 Immaculate Heart Radio Stations available also online on my page on the Immaculate Heart Radio website. They will equally be available for your free access, both in audio and accompanying blog-text formats through my twitter @revemelu, my official Facebook Page Fr. Maurice Emelu, my ministry websites and and my blog

Feel free to share the reflections with your family and friends and offer your helpful thoughts in the comment box as well. Your feedback through the public comment box on my blog as well as email would be very helpful in enriching and improving on these reflections. I believe in dialogue and your critique will be graciously welcome.

May I ask for your prayers in order for the grace of God to be abundant as I take up this daily service of the Word of God, for the grace of love, wisdom, knowledge and joyful witness. If you are not a believer, could you please wish me well? Hopefully, my reflections will bring hope, healing and peace to those in need.

Remain blessed and Happy New Year.

Fr. Maurice Emelu




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