Meeting with Mother Angelica: Fr. Maurice Emelu’s Diary of 22 November 2011

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Father Maurice Emelu's visiting with Mother Angelica in 2011
Father Maurice Emelu’s visiting with Mother Angelica in 2011

Walking into the Shrine of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Hanceville, Alabama, where the nuns were nursing Mother Angelica, I felt deep peace within me. My soul was ecstatic in praise of God for this woman of grace through whom God’s opulent gift is poured out to the world through the media.

Mother was bedridden having suffered a succession of strokes. She could not speak, but her gestures were resounding. With difficultly, she raised her hands towards me, a sign she wanted a handshake. Her smiles were angelic and her face lit like that of cherubs.

I held her tender hand, so warm and soothing. I caressed it and gently laid my head on her chest, and kissed her chin.

She smiled and held me so tightly. The other nuns wondered what was going on. “She has never been this active in months,” one of them said.
Mother wouldn’t let me leave as I shared with her how the Lord must have been pleased with all she had done for His glory.

I told her about the new projects that EWTN wanted me to lead – projects of hosting and producing a number of teaching/preaching series, retreat tours and documentaries with a view of capturing the richness of the African Catholic culture.

She smiled and nodded, lifting her eyebrows towards me, her eyes looking intently at mine.

For me, it was a sign of a nunc dimitis as she acknowledged God’s graciousness and love for His people. (Father Joseph Mary Wolfe had told me Mother had long wanted to extend EWTN to Africa). The meeting lasted for about thirty minutes, and throughout the time, she never left my hands.Mother Angelica 1

Thereafter, three of the nuns, her health care providers, served us (Fr. Miguel Marie and two other Franciscan friars, Randy and Br. John Therese Marie, who accompanied me) with bread cake and rich ice cream. Oh, Mother sipped the ice cream like a deer gulping fresh water.

“She loves ice cream,” said one of the nuns.

During the entire meeting, I felt heaven come down. It was one of a kind holy meeting. There was something about Mother Angelica that is spellbinding and pure.

We prayed for Mother Angelica and the sisters before leaving for Irondale, EWTN headquarters.
Love you Mother Angelica. Requiescat in pacem. Amen
Fr. Maurice Emelu

2 thoughts on “Meeting with Mother Angelica: Fr. Maurice Emelu’s Diary of 22 November 2011

    marlene McGahee said:
    April 5, 2016 at 10:39 pm

    Father: The account of your visit with Mother was beautiful. I to met her when my family and I came to the shrine.
    I didn’t know we were going to be bless that afternoon. I was talking to a friar in training on he went to see if the room that you could visit the nuns at was opened so I could look in the room. A low and behold, they wheeled Mother in, he came running out he said hurry hurry Mother is in there.
    I hurried as fast as my scooter could get me there. There she was. I was so happy I couldn’t contain myself. Got my granddaughter up there so she you hold Mothers hand. Have a picture of that. Then it was my turn. Well Father. All I could do was cry and cry took her slender hand held it and while still crying all I could say was thank you thank you. She teared up a bit. I kissed her hand. Then it was my husband’s turn. He is a very shy man, he took her hand ever so gently and told her thank you for all she had done then proceeded to let Mother know she was the most beautiful woman in the world. There was a little twinkle in her eye. The nuns all went oooo Mother.

    There is no doubt that afternoon we were in the presence of a Saint. I hope I live long enough to enjoy it.


    Pam said:
    April 2, 2016 at 2:28 pm

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful article of Fr. Maurice’s experience with Mother Angelica. I can’t seem to hear enough stories of Mothers life. They strengthen me and my faith. Pray for me please.


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